The Rise of the Experiential Traveler

12 December 2022

Travel redefined in the post COVID world has seen the emergence of the conscious experiential traveler, one that seeks quality over quantity.

Travel redefined in the post-COVID world has seen the emergence of the conscious experiential traveler, one that seeks quality over quantity.

Navigating through a complex post-pandemic lens has forced many of us to reassess our traveling needs. With the emergence of; travel less but stay for longer, ‘work from holiday,’ and authentic experiences fast becoming the new travel norms on the 2021 calendar, hotels are having to quickly transform their offerings into experiential and personalized stays.

The modern traveler is looking for that experience, a feeling, a unique stay, with flexibility and safety high on their agenda.

Equally important for today’s traveler is to feel that they have ownership of their trip – with Home Suite Hotels range of Suite Spots, we allow our guests to fully customize their journey to suit their needs, allowing them to travel better and smarter.

The customer journey is more than just a handful of curated local experiences it’s the whole trip in its entirety, from the usability and ease of the booking process, the warmth, welcome and accessibility of the staff, connectivity, contactless technology, quality of rooms, to check out and departure formalities, it starts from the moment our guests book their trip to the time they return home. Customer loyalty is built around the whole experience, a frictionless stay with built-in factors of delight and surprise.

The rolling global lockdowns have given rise to a new band of remote workers/travellers, blurring the lines between the business and leisure traveler. While many of these digital nomads are at ‘the office’ during their stay they too are looking to add local leisure elements to their trip. Top on their agenda is a demand for smaller independent hotels, like Home Suite Hotels.

All our properties offer a unique character and feel, and all are positioned in prime locations, close enough to the action and buzz of the local hot spots and happenings, with the best work-from-hotel space.

From wellness-mindful tourism to eco trips, and active travel, the experiential traveler wants to get out there, explore, find out more and experience the fullness of the local destination.

The experiential traveler is driven by emotion, and if you can offer them the ability to truly experience a destination from the inside, you are offering them a compelling reason to book and stay. Whether it’s our resident dog, Hazel, always available for dog walks and general furry baby duties, working in your in-suite office, our homework room, or on the rooftop with the best-grilled cheese, views and cappuccinos on hand – every stay is tailor-made to suit our guests. Arrive as a guest, leave as family.

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